Meet GAIA!

GAIA is a plant guardian that helps you take care of your indoor plants! It makes your plant send signals to you when it needs to be watered.

Whether you have a busy life or your friend is plant-sitting while you are on a trip, GAIA makes sure your plants are always properly watered!

Friendly Towards Indoor Plants

GAIA is friendly towards most indoor plants with soil, it comes with dry, moist and wet moisture levels for you to adjust according to your plant needs.

You will never worry about how much water your plants need again!

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It's As Simple As That

GAIA will light up when your plant needs water.

Plants are green companions with many health & wellness benifits. GAIA is created around fostering a more connected relationship between you and your plants.

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In recent years, many of us of all ages are siloed by technology and are less inclined to explore nature, which brings many negative impacts at an alarming rate in terms of physical, mental and social issues

As a newcomer to Plant Earth, GAIA is learning more ways to communicate with the humankind. Join us on our journey