How does it work?

There are three simple steps to setup your GAIA

  1. Insert the batteries and put the cover on. (It will light up right away to indicate that it's on)
  2. Insert GAIA into your plant
  3. If it continues to light up, it means your plant needs water

It will already be set according to the plant you indicated you have when ordered. Even though the plant setting is set for your specific plant, you can change the setting later.

Then ... 

Step 1 - Insert GAIA into Soil
Step 2 - Water the Plant (it's best to water around the plant evenly)
Step 3 - You're Done! GAIA will light up when your plants need to be watered again

And GAIA actually works! GAIA is your new plant guardian that helps you take care of your indoor plants. Through GAIA you can communicate with your plant and never forget about watering your plant again, no matter how busy you are! GAIA is friendly towards most indoor plants with soil. It comes with dry, moist, and wet moisture levels for you to adjust according to your plant needs. You will never have to worry about over or under watering your (or your friends' or coworkers') plants again!

Like your pets, your plants will let you know when they are thirsty. GAIA gives your plant a "voice" that helps you take better care of them.

Like a pet, the plant would let you know when it is thirsty. GAIA gives your plant the "voice" that lets you know that its time to water it

Now check out what types of plants GAIA works with in this link or, if you're ready, feel free to help us bring GAIA to reality by backing our campaign now on Kickstarter