Who We Are

Inspired by the Greek ancestral mother of life and nature, Gaia, we created GAIA with the mission to help people better connect with their plants and nature as a whole. Our two GAIA creators have an extensive background in engineering and have the passion and dream to create a product that would ease the stress out of owning (or caring for someone else’s) plants. One of our creator’s plant passions were first sparked by his father who instilled the belief that if you communicate and care for your plants, they will grow and create a lively and beautiful home or garden for you in return. We  understand that plants are not like pets and you need a tool to help you understand when your plant needs water. GAIA is here to bridge that communication gap between you and your plants, while also creating a community of plant lovers who can share knowledge and stories about their personal plant pets.  

Our team


We also understand living without technology is nearly impossible, thus, we are bringing nature to the technology world through a fun relationship-building way. Follow our story on @gaiaplants. Stay in touch with us via email below.