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Be the first 1,000 supporters to help us bring Gaia to the plant-loving community!

The package will include the following:

• GAIA figurine (sensor)
• A name tag to name your plant
• Stickers to customize your sprite
• Customized plant information for your plant, which include suggestions on how to use GAIA for your specific plant.
• The battery (CVR320) is not included.


Pre-order Payment
You’ll provide your payment information when you pre-order, but you won’t be charged. You're only charged once our product has reached the fundraising goal. We expect to deliver the 1,000 units on in the near future. If our fundraising goal is not reached, you won't be charged.

Risks and challenges
Gaia is designed from the bottom up taking into account scalability in production quantities, simple manufacturing steps, aesthetics, as well as functionality while also producing as locally as we can. All the photos you can see on this page are actual working prototypes and test devices, that we sent out to friends, family and product test groups. Overall we produced more than 60 prototypes and beta devices for testing during the last 12 months.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain
To be able to produce GAIA in the highest possible quality whilst keeping scalability and affordability in mind, we require production tools for injection moulding and PCB design. The level of complexity and interdependency of some parts may lead to unforeseen delays during supply chain and production optimization. Current delivery times of suppliers for the parts are considered in our timeline but can change in the given period of development.

Of course, we will be keeping our supporters in the loop and inform you of the progress.