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Risks and challenges

GAIA is a product we've been working hard on for the past 2.5 years. We are extremely confident of the idea and the prototype, but like everything in life, there are some risks.

TIMELINE: The timeline of delivering GAIA to our customers is estimated to be 6 months. We have been working incredibly hard for the past two years to make sure when we finally go live we've done most of the work prior to our campaign, and you can see that from our prototype pictures. Having said that, we are aware that almost all kickstarter products usually face delays - and with the pandemic - things might take longer. Whether we are delayed or not, our promise is to always keep you updated in real time so you know when you get your GAIA.

MANUFACTURING: In order to manufacture the different parts of GAIA (plastic, electronics, etc) we need to work with different suppliers and make different tooling. There's a risk here since tooling is expensive and requires trustworthy experience to avoid costly mistakes. Luckily, we're working with industrial partners locally in Toronto who continuously guide us and will ensure we don't do any costly mistakes.

ADJUSTMENTS AND CALIBRATION: Every soil is different, given the different minerals and characteristics it has. Further, the way the plant have been brought up also plays a key role for how it continues to grow once you acquire it (believe it or not, a lot of stores pump nutrients and chemicals into plants to grow fast but once you get that plant at home and it doesn't have these same chemicals they can't survive). Whatever the case, we have been continuously testing and calibrating our sensor across the different plants to ensure GAIA works with all of them. And we will continue to observe and record any changes and calibrate further if needed.

FULFILMENT AND FUNDING: Okay, so we've manufactured and calibrated and all ready to ship. Oh what's that? There's a delay in shipping? There's a trade war? We have to pay extra taxes? There are a lot of risk that are associated with the final step of bringing any product to market. To mitigate this risk, we are in the process of working with multiple fulfilment companies and backup suppliers, so that not all our eggs are in one basket.

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We raise a glass of water (that will later water a plant) and say we THANK YOU for your help!

Environmental commitments

Long-lasting design

GAIA is designed in very simple and uncomplicated philosophy, that makes it work across multiple plants without the need to buy another one. Additionally, when it's not in use, GAIA can be stored away safely by simply taking the batteries out until you're ready to use it again. GAIA also has customizable shells, so that whenever you are in different moods or occasions, you can simply change the appearance and have the same electronics.

Reusability and recyclability

We are committed to taking back every single product we ship out, and recycle it in a way that ensures what we build doesn't end up in the landfill. In the future, we dream that GAIA can be made in such a way that, if you want to get rid of it, you simply toss it on soil and it biodegrades. But for the moment, we plan on having the materials that made the electronics be recycled to be re-used, and the plastic to be go into building a structure in our future office.