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What is GAIA?

GAIA is a tool that plants can use to communicate with their owners. When your plant needs water, GAIA will simply light up-it is as easy as this! 

We are a team of four from Toronto, and like you, we have murdered a plant or two in our pasts. We realized that this was a common theme for people and decided to create a tool that would assist in making sure plats were not over or under watered. For over two years we worked on various product proposals and did market research. Through this research, we quickly discovered that there is a clear need for a tool like GAIA!

This is how it looks like:   

GAIA works with all types of indoor plants

We have tested - and continue to test - GAIA with a wide variety of indoor plants and different environments. GAIA is designed with 3 settings in mind: 

  • High Moisture (such as Elephant Ear)
  • Medium Moisture (such as Peace Lily
  • Low Moisture (such as Snake Plants)

This is what GAIA looks like with its new best friend (a plant!):

And did we mention GAIA can be personalized?!

You get to customize GAIA in whichever way you like. Let your inner artist shine and design your own GAIA! You can also order multiple customized sleeves for your GAIA to celebrate any occasion or season.   

How does it work? 

There are three simple steps to setup your GAIA

1. Insert the batteries and put the cover on. 

(It will light up right away to indicate that it's on)

2. Insert GAIA into your plant

3. If it continues to light up, it means your plant needs water

It will already be set according to the plant you indicated you have when ordered. Even though the plant setting is set for your specific plant, you can change the setting later.

Then ... 

Step 1 - Insert GAIA into Soil
Step 2 - Water the Plant (it's best to water around the plant evenly)
Step 3 - You're Done! GAIA will light up when your plants need to be watered again

And GAIA actually works! GAIA is your new plant guardian that helps you take care of your indoor plants. Through GAIA you can communicate with your plant and never forget about watering your plant again, no matter how busy you are! GAIA is friendly towards most indoor plants with soil. It comes with dry, moist, and wet moisture levels for you to adjust according to your plant needs. You will never have to worry about over or under watering your (or your friends' or coworkers') plants again!

Like your pets, your plants will let you know when they are thirsty. GAIA gives your plant a "voice" that helps you take better care of them.

Like a pet, the plant would let you know when it is thirsty. GAIA gives your plant the "voice" that lets you know that its time to water it

Why now? 

Covid-19, Stress, Work Overload, etc.  

With the current pandemic, anxiety and mental health issues have been at an all time high. We are now spending more time at home than ever before. But it's not just that. In recent years, we have been silo-ed by technology and stress, leaving us less inclined to explore nature. Connecting with nature can improve physical and mental health, while also creating a healthier social life. This is alarming because not exploring and connecting with nature brings many negative impacts on our physical, mental, and social life. One easy to solution to this is plants but many of us don't know how to take care of them. GAIA is here to create a connected relationship between you and your plants.

A GAIA User Testing Session - No Matter the Age, We're All Siloed By Technology And "Life"

This is the planned timeline for the next year; 

GAIA Product Timeline


Without your pre-order, we will not have the funds to bring GAIA to the market. We are here to save your plants but first, we need to receive enough pre-orders to go into production.

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